Innovative Catering for Product Launches in San Diego

As a company that provides a fresh and innovative approach to catering, Fat Side Up BBQ are acutely aware of how important the design and development of new products can be. And there is no better way to highlight the positives of your unique and innovative product than by providing a launch that matches it. To truly do justice to a produce that your company may have worked years on developing, it is necessary not to cut any corners when it comes to the catering service at the launch. If you are like most of the start-ups and other development companies that we work with, then you will be eager to find a catering company whose menus, drinks selection and themed events are as innovative as the product that is being launched.

At Fat Side Up BBQ, we can assure you that our catering service will not only complement your product but will even enhance it. If our decades of combined experience it is this. People, whether it be potential retailers, clients or customers, are more attentive when they’re catered for correctly. By providing a unique and distinctive approach to the range of food and drinks that we offer, we can rest assured that all the attendees at your launch will leave with positive associations of your product. You, or your company, have probably worked very hard to make this product a reality, don’t fall at the hurdle by choosing a sub-standard catering company for your launch.

Catering to Your Business, Your Product and Your Guests

When it comes to creating the perfect catering experience for a corporate client, one word is more important than all else. That word is individual. Far too often we hear complaints from businesses that their previous catering company provided bland food and a generic experience that left their guests unenthused and reflected badly on their brand. At Fat Side Up BBQ, you can expect the exact opposite.

Our unique and innovative approach to catering that one thing our events will never be is boring, and that is a guarantee. In advance of all product launch events, we will visit your business, research your product and incorporate aspects of both into your unique dining experience.

Call the Catering Team You Can Trust

Fat Side Up BBQ is the number one catering company in San Diego and it is easy to see why. Our skilled chefs, catering staff and event planners work in unison to create a catering experience that you are not going to forget in a hurry. The level of detail and innovative menus that we create leave us in a league of our own. So, whether you are a manager in a multinational firm, or the sole proprietor of a recent start-up, we have options for you. Call today to avail of our award-winning catering service. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.